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This article is about the MonsterVerse Mechagodzilla. If you are looking for the Showa Era's Mechagodzilla, click here. If you are looking for the Millennium Era's Mechagodzilla, click here.

Mechagodzilla (メカゴジラ Mekagojira) is a mechanical Titan that appears as the main and final antagonist of the 2021 Legendary Pictures film Godzilla vs. Kong. It is the second incarnation of Mechagodzilla to appear in an American-made film, after the incarnation featured in the 2018 film Ready Player One.


Mechagodzilla 2021 is an incredibly powerful kaiju when used correctly, with attacks that do high damage. He also has high speed compared to other kaiju, and this advantage is enhanced with his Dash utility. These factors allow Mechagodzilla to hold his own again the best of the best, like Monster Zero or Destoroyah. Mechagodzilla has 5 attacks and the dash utility that was mentioned earlier, which propels him forward when activated through the V key on PCs, which can be useful for covering more ground in short durations, as well as for hit and run confrontations.

Mechagodzilla's most preferable form of offense is hit-and-run, due to having powerful attacks and good mobility, but relatively low health compared to other top-tier kaiju. The Creeping Salvo and Proton Scream can be used to hit enemy kaiju from a distance away, and the Dash can be used to escape enemy kaiju firing beams or coming too close for comfort. By continuously using those two attacks, using the Dash utility and staying out of range, Mechagodzilla is sure to shred almost any target in the way.

In addition to that, players can also attack in combos by using either Turbo Strike in conjunction with the Dash utility to charge straight at opponents who get too close, damaging and sometimes confusing them by suddenly going in a drastically different direction.


Ability Name Cooldown Damage Drain Type Description Image
Rival Roar 10 N/A N/A Roar A loud metallic roar that has a faint resemblance to a Godzilla roar.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 221933204.png
Maniacal Cackle 10 N/A N/A Roar A mechanical laugh and chuckle, commonly used as a taunt after bringing their targets to a weak state.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 134703939.png
Turbo Strike 2.6 415/695 | 618/904 (With dash) 12.5 Melee Attack A high-powered punch with blue energy particles. it has low charge consumption and small cooldown, making it ideal for combat. Can be used in conjunction with Dash to raise the damage by 30%.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 134752018.png
Invigorated Kick 5 520/740 20 Melee Attack A heavy stomp that has good AOE damage and destroys anything around it, but doesn't give G-cells from small buildings, as is the normal with all other AOE attacks. Great for hitting multiple targets at once from different ranges. Has a short range for a typical AOE.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 134837416.png
Surgical Stab 3 585/815.4 15 Melee Attack An attack using its sharp tail drill, does higher damage than Invigorated Kick and can be used alternatively with it, but also has a slightly higher cooldown. It can be used for grinding by spinning in the middle of a cluster of buildings to destroy them, or by using shift-lock and spinning.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 222047336.png
Proton Scream 30 1550/2550 60 Beam Attack A pink-red A-74 pure proton beam that does immense amounts damage, capable of melting away the health of even the bulkiest of foes, its wind-up time is on the longer side and as such, should be used from a very far distance, this beam is hard to out-match in a beam clash due to its high tick damage.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 135723717.png
Creeping Salvo 14 60/90 (Per missile)


30 Ranged Attack A highly-damaging missile attack that fires 8 missiles that are guided for a short distance. Is great for destroying cities and damaging kaiju from a distance (assuming there are little/no other objects around like buildings or trees). It also creates explosion particles wherever it hits. Missiles can be guided using your mouse on computer or by using your finger on mobile.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 135109232.png
Dash 5 N/A 15 Utility Propels the player forward with jet boosters mounted on the back. Can be combined with Turbo Strike or Creeping Salvo to create different attack strategies. Also great for travelling long distances in short periods of time, or escaping attacks from other Kaiju.
RobloxScreenShot20220628 135759343.png



  • This kaiju's price was changed multiple times due to the backlash from the community and the unbalancing.
  • This is the first Mechagodzilla to utilize a "hit and run" tactic. The second being Ready Player One Mechagodzilla.
  • This is the first kaiju to have a V utility button.
  • This was actually the hardest kaiju to obtain, as it requires a Level 50 Godzilla 2021, who requires a Level 30 Godzilla 2014 and Godzilla 2019, and a Level 20 Monster Zero, who requires a max Godzilla 2019. However, when this kaiju was rebalanced, it's requirements are now optional by either having a Level 50 Titanus Kong or a Level 20 Monster Zero.
    • This makes him the 1st custom kaiju to have an optional requirement.
  • This is the one of the two custom kaijus that requires custom kaiju to unlock it, the other being Titanus Kong.
  • Mechagodzilla 2021 has the second most abilities out of any kaiju, totaling at 8 different abilities, counting the two roars and the Dash ability. This is tied with Heisei Gojira, Burning Gojira, Showa Mechagodzilla II, etc. However, Titanus Kong has the most abilities. has a total of 12 abilities, counting his various attacks with and without his axe and his ability to summon and discard it.
  • The Dash ability can be combined with Mechagodzilla's attacks to create combo moves using the Surgical Stab and the Turbo Strike.
  • This is one of the only kaiju that has special effects (electrical zaps every couple seconds while swimming), like pre-model Burning Gojira, who also has special meltdown effects when low on health.
  • Mechagodzilla 2021 is one of the fastest land kaiju in the game, being able to run quite fast and having the Dash ability.
  • When Mechagodzilla 2021 dies, he shuts down and his eyes turn off, referencing the scene where the Mech runs out of energy in Godzilla vs. Kong after testing it's Proton Scream against the Skullcrawler.
  • This is the other kaiju capable of having animated eyes, the other kaiju who have this feature being Millennium Gojira , Heisei Gojira and Final wars.
  • The roars for a while costed charge and had a VERY long cooldown, this was fixed.
  • It used to be able to spam missiles, beams and kicks with dash to range kaiju to death, this however, left its melee surprisingly average. Later on, they would rebalance it to have less ranged attacks in favor for EXTREMELY strong melee.
  • Mechagodzilla 2021's T roar's name was changed from "Resound Revenge" to "Maniacal Crackle" for an unknown reason.