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Ready Player One Mechagodzilla, also known as Kiryu, is a mechanical robot kaiju that first appeared in the 2011 novel, Ready Player One, and the 2018 Warner Bros. film of the same name.


Ready Player One Mecha Godzilla is a fairly powerful kaiju. He has a wide arsenal of melee attacks and one ranged beam attack, that being his Atomic Flamethrower ability, which cannot be controlled unlike other beam attacks. Attacks 4 and 5 can only be used when idle or walking.

Mecha Godzilla also has an Overcharge bar that can be increased when using the Overcharge utility, activated by using the V key. This meter can buff attack damage by 50%(Specifically 57.27%) When using the utility, it can increase the bar by 25% each time.

How to Use

Sometimes, Ready Player One Mecha Godzilla can be an absolute tank when used correctly. It is recommended that you use a hit-and-run tactic for Mecha Godzilla due to his low health and fairly high speed. Mecha Godzilla also has fairly low cooldown times, which can make up for its fairly low base health. One strategy to get more hits using the Atomic Flamethrower attack is to face your opponent at all times by using Control Lock or the camera. It also can be deadly by combining your V ability and your 1&2 ability due to its low cooldown.

It is recommended you use Overcharge every time you face off against Top-Tier kaiju to increase chances of victory. Once it's on extremely low health, you can finish off the battle without needing to use the utility.

Abilities & Roars

Ability Name Cooldown Damage Drain Type Description Image
Tormenting Arrival 16.3 None None Roar The roar from the Ready Player 1 when he came into battle
Aggravation Cry 16.3 None None Roar Another movie roar
Tormenting Flurry 3 345/490 10 Melee Attack A punch combo that is quite powerful.
Flash Riposte 4 410/575 10 Melee Attack A melee tail stab.
Mechanical Devastation 6 535/600 15 Melee Attack A strong stomp that makes you stand even if you did not release the joystick/WASD buttons.
Galvanizing Salvo 13 90/120 (8 in total) 20 Ranged Attack A fairly strong finger missile attack.(Guided with your cursor.)
Atomic Flamethrower 30 750/1200 70 Beam Attack A smoke breath that is very strong, can be used for spinning. However, its range is one of the shortest in the game, so it is recommended to use it for medium distances.
Overcharge 3 None None Utility A boost utility that increases the overcharge bar which also buffs all of your attacks by 50% and will consume more charge for each attack. However, if the Overcharge bar is 100%, you can use two attacks with buffed damage, the 2nd attack will not consume any charge, then the bar will start over again.


  • This is the cheapest Mechagodzilla available.
  • This is the second Mechagodzilla to utilize a "hit and run" tactic. The first being Mechagodzilla 2021.
  • This is the first and only kaiju in Kaiju Universe that doesn’t belong to Toho or Legendary Pictures.
  • Ready Player One Mechagodzilla originally couldn't use the 3rd attack while sprinting; this was fixed in the Femuto remodel update.
  • On some occasions, when you die as Ready Player One Mechagodzilla or if you kill a Ready Player One Mechagodzilla, you will hear the Windows XP shutdown sound effect. This is only a 5% chance and a random occurrence that cannot be triggered manually.
  • He is the only kaiju to have smoke effects on its mouth.
  • This is the only kaiju to have different roars compared to its movie counterpart.
  • This is the 4th kaiju to have particle effects by using the V move the 1st being Mechagodzilla 2021, the 2nd being Burning Godzilla and the 3rd being Voodon and Juju.
  • Despite being small, RPO Mechagodzilla cannot fit in the Tokyo tunnels.
  • In the Femuto remodel update, the original roar sounds were replaced with the new sound effects, but then, after a small update Rpo got its roars movie accurate.
  • The 3rd attack when Overcharged used to deal the most melee damage in the game. This is now nerfed in the Rebalance Wave Update.